Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Global Network Summit

“Al Beit Beitkom” was the slogan of the third Global Network Summit in Jordan held from September 29 until October , 2016. Al Beit Beitkom means: welcome home or our home is your home, and it represents the hospitality of the Jordanian people.
The GNS was a unique experience.   We invited our friends from SIBF, CELA, SIBF LA and SEALA, for a total of 130 participants. It was an amazing opportunity for leadership development, business networking, and a cultural adventure never to be forgotten. The agenda included prominent local and regional speakers, leadership activities, and exciting trips around the Kingdom.

We would like to thank our generous GNS sponsors who supported us, namely: The Zubair Corporation, PG Integrated, Saraya Aqaba, Coca Cola, Jordan Phosphate Mines and Bayt.com
A special thank you goes out to Jordan chapter members, the GNS participants, Bidaya team, guests, and speakers who made this summit the incredible cultural and intellectual experience that it was!




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