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Wednesday, March 1, 2017
MELA 8 Leadership Masterclass Blog

The MELA Masterclass is a 10 day experiential program in building a global profile. Leadership means many things to many people, and carries with it many different requirements and styles. Yet behind its many forms and faces, the challenges are always the same. These challenges are personal, technical and strategic. Nothing will prepare you quite as well, as the MELA Masterclass. 


The MELA 8 Facilitators have all arrived in beautiful Sharm El Sheikh and have started their first day of training.

We are always so grateful to them for volunteering their time and dedicating 12 days away from work and family for the benefit of others. One of the things that makes the MELA experience unique, is that the training is customized and focuses one-on-one learning. This facilitator team of global business leaders with extensive international, personal and professional networks pay for their own travel to volunteer, mentor and coach participants during the 10 day Masterclass . No other program in the region does that. A great start to our MELA 8 journey!


With one more day till the beginning of our program, we started our day by welcoming our participants here at the Hyatt Regency in the beautiful Sharm el Sheikh, where our facilitators already had set up long ago.  Now that everyone is here we are ready to start this amazing journey.




At night, we gathered up by the pool restaurant to have a wonderful dinner with a breath taking sea view. Each group of participants and facilitators sat together over dinner to get the best of  both worlds, their knowledge and obviously the food.

Over dinner so they could be introduced to one another, definitely an interesting introduction with so many great minds around the table.







            The day has finally come where we start our 10 days of knowledge and expertise exchange, starting off with a warm welcome and some pointers with our very own executive director, ‘Samer Ebbini’.



Followed by a very informative discussion led by the astounding author ’John King’, while ‘Jim Crupi’, the man who started it all, decided to dig deeper into our participants’ knowledge and leadership skills.



Dr. ‘Alaa Nasief’ dug in a place a little south, into their understanding of themselves, talk about digging deep.



Finally we had a great dinner where we got to learn more about our #MELA8 participants during our very special paired introductions.



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Day 2 here at the beautiful Hyatt Regency, Sharm, all the participants and facilitators head to the meeting room where Dr. ‘Alaa Nasief’ continues her dig with in our participants brain and let them know more about themselves.




Then ‘John King’ starts telling the story on how to be a storyteller,  ‘Jim Crupi’ also had a very informative video “obviously” and a lot of information about story telling.



‘Ahmed Yehia’ told us all about being a valued based leader and made the E+R=O as simple as 1+1=2.





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An urge of excitement grabs all our participants today as they waited to welcome our special guest, and it was worth it! And since it was that good we decided to keep everything that happened during this session to ourselves. Michael Kouly was here today for his first session and we could all agree it was quite interesting.



And a change of halls and setup was necessary for our star power simulation where we got to play a new game, it included chips and running around the hall!




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to see what does #MELA8 has in store for its participants. 


It’s a new day at Hyatt Regency, Sharm and we always have a reason for our participants to wake up all excited. We start them off by not one but two great sessions from Michael Kouly who never disappoints, always adding value to our participants and to #MELA8




Jim Crupi had a leadership interview with Mohamed Kamal, who had a lot to say from his side.




And when the night is finally upon us after this amazing day, our participants take their traditional clothes out of their closest for a very interesting and quite artsy night.




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We wake up here in beautiful Sharm el Sheikh for another #MELA8 day, we’re half way through the program and it just gets better by the minute. We start our day by a little exercise for our participants’ teams.




Followed by some teamwork session from Jim Crupi who definitely knows the importance of teamwork.




John King takes the stage to tell the #MELA8 participants all about the cultural map and it’s importance in being a leader. 




Linh Quach grabs our attention and our hearts by telling us her story, then explains to us the capstone project alongside Samer Ebbini and John King. 





The sun shined, breakfast was served and our participants were ready for another #MELA8 day. Starting the day with some very strategic talk by Jim Crupi and John King.



Greg Busin made sure we looked at accountability differently then how we usually did.



Our participants split up into two groups; each of them had an insightful discussion about personal and professional entrepreneurship experiences from our speaker Lubna Izziddin and our facilitators.



Finally the participants presented their ideas for the capstone project and the teams were finally formed.




What do you do when you have Victor Antonio as your first speaker of the day? Well, our participants woke up early to enjoy their coffee under the beautiful sun of sharm el sheikh and they were ready for Victor who did not disappoint.  This was definitely a great session that changed our sales perspective.



Abdellatif Waked, the general manager of Uber Egypt spent the day with us and he told us his story since he was a fresh graduate till he reached his current position. He also gave us an insight on Uber and how it’s functioning.




And a well deserved break was waiting for our participants in the Ghibli go kart track, where the races took place between every MELA person we have, the heat went up during the last race, but we finally got a winner!



Then we head off to a cruise on the clear Sharm el Sheikh water, with a violin player welcoming us on board, and plenty of other entertainment on board alongside a delicious dinner and we got Ahmed Yehia to thank for this amazing night.




We are close to the end, yet our participants know that we still have more for them. Victor Antonio is an amazing speaker, and he has a lot to teach our participants all about the effect of influencing change. After a small break he got us back because he was far from done with our participants, in his second session he showed us how to grow a business.



Linh Quach was testing our participants negotiation skills with an exercise after a lot of negotiations, she gathered the participants to debrief them on what negotiations are all about.



Our participants split up for two great discussions. Antoine Eid discussed the effect of the brain on your leadership performance. Ayman Khattab was discussing a rapid growth in the company.



With the capstone project’s presentations are around the corner, we finished our day with John King showing us how the Y model actually works. 





It is Capstone project day here at Hyatt Regency, Sharm el Sheikh. Our #MELA8 participants have to get their projects ready throught the day to present them to not only the #MELA8 participants and facilitators, but we have special guests with us today and the #MELA alumni are also joining us and we couldn’t be more excited.



After the finishing touches of their presentations, it was finally time to present. Our participants delivered amazing presentations and ideas for great causes. John King and Victor Antonio also gave them feedback as they went with their presentations.




It is our last day, we are excited about seeing our loved ones back at home but we will definitely miss our #MELA8 family. This is why our last day together will be filled with way more than just goodbyes. We started it off by showing our participants the power of MELA and all it’s affiliation networks including SIBF, CELA and SEALA.



Then we had a special guest, ‘Sherif El Ghamrway’ who told us his very inspirational story about how he went from one of the top engineers in the city to founding “basata” the first eco-lodge in Egypt.



Our graduation was quiet special, for those of you who don’t know, we do things differently at MELA. We might be calling it a graduation, but it is way more special than that.



Now most people say their goodbyes after the graduation and just go home. For us, it was time to grab our dancing shoes and head to dancing floor with our #MELA8 family to celebrate this amazing experience.



Now, we believe we can say that our participants have achieved something way bigger than just a leadership masterclass, they are now part of the MELA family. Welcome to the family, we are honored to have you with us! 

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