Business Community

The MELA community is so much more than just a network of young Arab business leaders looking for professional opportunities. We are a network that offers direct access to successful business leaders all over the world, opportunities to network and connect with those leaders throughout the year.

Exciting reunions and insightful summits on a local, regional and international level are designed each year for members to explore new cultures, learn from their peers and connect with other members.

We are a community that offers a means for members to continuously learn, develop themselves, their skills and accelerate the successes in their lives.

We like to add value by creating practical learning environments through meetings with leaders in the business community, inviting inspiring speakers and committing to learning more about each other. One of our core beliefs is that such a community can only serve its members fully when they see the value of giving back to it.

As leaders, we have a responsibility to the community we live in, and so we strive to create and execute annual projects that positively effect and improve a part of society around us. The wealth of knowledge and variety of expertise available in the network is only matched by the warm hearts and kind deeds of its members.

This closeness and comfort between members creates an energy and dynamism that is unrivaled. At the end of the day, MELA is a business community that acts like a support system; offering long lasting friendship, collaboration, guidance and mentorship.

This community has been built around a group of leaders who are there because they care. Friends you can trust. A family you can always depend on.