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Thursday, October 1, 2015
Meet a Local Leader

Meet a local leader is an event that will be organized by the local chapters, for the chapter members to visit a local leader at their place of work and to experience what they do from a strategic leadership perspective in order to learn from their successes, failures and challenges.


Chapter members hosted a meet the local leader activity with the first Governor of Lebanon's Central Bank, Mr. Raed Charafeddine to learn, network, and expand the professional and personal relationships, and creating unique experiences for the chapter's members. These four elements go in a circular path; each element enriches the other and adds value to MELA fellows as individuals. It also enhances MELA presence as a whole in the Middle East.

Mr. Charafeddine, who has been an advocate of MELA in Lebanon through convening in the past a group of 10 most influential heads of human resources in the country, and encouraging MELA's vision and activities, has given the attendees a personal insight on leadership, a talk he fluently runs in leading universities of the world such as Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and others. Many thanks to Elissar Al Hajj and Lebanon Chapter member.


Chapter members hosted "Meet a local leader" activity with the CEO of Bank ABC Mrs. Simona Bishouty to learn, network, expand the professional and personal relationships, and creating unique experiences for the chapter members.

We thank Mrs. Bishouty for the deep insight she provided towards enriching our leadership skills with focus, balance and determination.
Many thanks to Heba Alayyan and Jordan Chapter learning committee.


The Oman Chapter hosted Dr. Yasar Jarrar as part of the “Meet a Local Leader” in Muscat. Dr. Yasar who is a senior partner at Bain & Co. gave useful insights on the current state of the region and imparted knowledge on future scenarios. Dr. Yasar has a well celebrated career which includes being the named the “Young Global Leader” at World Economic Forum. He is also a Visiting Fellow, Cranfield School of Management, and Senior Advisor, Harvard International Negotiations Program, Harvard University. Many thanks to Amer Al Fadhil for organizing the event and the rest of the Oman MELA chapter for attending.

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